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Food Supply Chain

Blockchain technology provides an opportunity to transform the food industry to share information about the product and achieve transparency, traceability, validity, and identity in the supply chain. With AI and IOT further, accuracy can be established at all levels.

Oil and Gas Industry

In Oil and Gas through Blockchain every shipment transaction adds to a growing, permission-based, shared digital data flow, which serves as the single source of truth between the carrier and shipper. Starting with the contracted rates as the first block, the distributed database continues to record events from the freight order to the payment submission. Oil and Gas company could save in freight spend through improved invoice accuracy, reduction of overpayments, and disintermediation of third party service providers.

Enterprise order and Transportation Management(EOTM)

Charge Back and Rebates

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies are struggling to manage purchase organization contracts, process heavy volumes of chargeback submissions and ensure pricing policies are fully compliant with regulatory requirements. The objective is to Formulate an effective Contract and Chargeback Management system between the pharmaceutical company, distributor and retailer.