A Blockchain solution focusing on food traceability, recall and compliance

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Traceability is always an issue in Food Production & Processing organizations and Distributors. Most of the organizations will get into their nerve in delivering quality products in right time. The aging and veteran problem can be solved with  Blockchain solution.

totalRecall is an end to end blockchain solution which tracks the fresh produce, perishable goods and as well as meat products, starting from the Producer/Manufacturer to the Distributor and Retailer. Organizations using this product will be able to Recall, Trace, and be in compliance with Food Safety departments.





With our world-class totalRecall dashboard, track all your Shipments, Tracking, Recalls, and many more quality-related metrics. This dashboard gives you a bird view of your current logistics and recalls.

Product Catalog

Search, View, Create, and Ship Products from a single view on your Desktop, Mobile or Tablet. Participant gets the flexibility to select the Carrier, Distributor, or Retailer on where the product to be shipped


Check the status of the Shipment and trace the geolocation through this IoT integrated live view.


Recall any Product/Shipment while in transit or even if it’s in the shelves of distributor or retailer.  Our Recall feature also notifies the subscribed consumers directly through our innovative mobile application.

Integration and Interfaces

Upload product data either through excel/flat files, or synchronize directly from your ERP through our prebuilt API’s.

a. Flat Files (supported .CSV files)
b. API’s (Supports SAP, Oracle, and any open source ERP’s)

IoT Integrated

Integrated with IoT which allows the participant (Manufacturer, Distributor, or Retailer) to track (Shipping, loading/unloading from docks, locating in warehouse etc.,), also logging the temperature, pressure, vibrations during their freight.

AI Enabled

AI enabled Autobots which can notify the participants about the status of their goods.


Updates from the FDA and USDA are directly updated on dashboard and products matching the Recall are highlighted for the Participant to be able to identify and recall them immediately.



⇴   Offers an immutable, auditable platform to record data.

⇴    Events could be traced back to identify risk factors.

⇴    Can intake a wide variety of information rather than be restricted to a format.

⇴    Boosting trust among Business parties by combining auditability and transparency.