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“Why Blockchain?” is a million dollar question now. It was the same case when internet entered into our lives in the late ’90s, and everyone questioned: “Why Internet?”

While we know today’s Web, Mobile, and Cloud Applications are near to Real-Time, and as Secure as anything else, Business’s are not finding a clear reason on why and whereBlockchain can be applied. Does it replace existing ERP? Or is it complementary to what today’s industries or businesses have?


Implementing an end to end solution on new platforms is challenging and as well involves a whole new learning cycle. Enterprise Blockchain is the new requirement for the business’s and every enterprise is looking for an end to end implementation of Blockchain solutions for their enterprise applications.  

MDxBlocks, with its vast experience, will help in not only advising the customers on “What”, “Why”, and “Which” (check Advisory Services to know what they are), but also drives the customer on “HOW” to implement the solution.



totalRecalla Blockchain application provides an opportunity to share information about the product and achieve transparency, traceability, validity, and identity in the supply chain of the food industry. With AI and IOT further, accuracy can be established at all levels.


Food Supply Chain

Oil & Gas




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